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Permanent Secretariat attached to Commission is established. The head of the Secretariat is appointed and dismissed by the decision of the Commission, other employees by the decision of the chairman of the Commission. The Secretariat fulfils organizational tasks related to arrangement of the meetings of the Commission, prepares documents for the issues to be raised in the Commission meetings and provides clerical support 

The Secretariat is a public institution and its members are public servants. 

The Commission determines the authorities of the Secretariat. 

The Secretariat sets up annual report on its activities and submits it to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan , Milli Majlis and Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan . 

The head of the Secretariat is Ramin Valizada.




Az1066, Presidential Palace, Bakı, Azərbaycan

tel: (+994 12) 492-04-65   

fax: (+994 12) 492-04-65  

mail: office@commission-anticorruption.gov.az


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Which measure do you consider more important for decreasing the level of corruption?
Increasing transparency in the activities of state bodies
Strengthening public control over activities of state bodies
Improvement of legislation
Recruitment of new staff to civil service
Strengthening of penalties against officials committed corruption offences
Strengthening of independence of judiciary
Increasing public awareness
Forming anti-corruption culture
Increasing the salaries of civil servants and those paid by state budget
Protecting and encouraging persons providing information on corruption offences by state
Informing public on revenues of civil servants