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Working group on improvement of legislation ( Approved by the decree of the Commission dated July 08, 2005 )

1. Members (WG on improvement of legislation)


1. Sayyad Karimov - Chairman of the Working group, Deputy chairman of the adminstrative and military legislation department of "MilliMejlis"



2. Aydin Saphikhanli- Ombudsman's Office, Head of Apparatus 



3. Aqil Guliyev- The State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, head of monitoring and assessment department



4.Almaz Gahramanova– Ministry of Finance, Legal Department, head of division



5. Elnur Musayev - General Prosecutors Office, Senior prosecutor of the department of struggle against corruption



6. Cavanshir Nuriyev- Ministry of Taxes, head of division at primary investigations of tax crimes department



7. Elchin Nasibov-  Ministry of Justice, Head Department of Legislation, head of the division



8. Vuqar Asgerov– Commission on Civil Service Issues, Head of legal department



9.Rasim Huseynov– Ministry of Education, Deputy head of Department of legal expertise and license



10. Shalala Jafarova- Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population, head of the finance department



11. Elkhan Aziziov– Ministry of Health, Deputy head of the legal and monitoring department



12. Orkhan Beydiyev-  Ministry of Economy and Industry, Department of monitoring, head of division



13. Alimammed Nuriyev – Coordinator of Anti-Corruption Network, Chairman of "Constitution" Researches Fund



14. Elvin Yusifli- Transparency Azerbaijan, Project director



The Secretary of Working Group on Improving Legislation is Kamal Jafarov. 


Working protocol of the working group on improvement of legislation


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Which measure do you consider more important for decreasing the level of corruption?
Increasing transparency in the activities of state bodies
Strengthening public control over activities of state bodies
Improvement of legislation
Recruitment of new staff to civil service
Strengthening of penalties against officials committed corruption offences
Strengthening of independence of judiciary
Increasing public awareness
Forming anti-corruption culture
Increasing the salaries of civil servants and those paid by state budget
Protecting and encouraging persons providing information on corruption offences by state
Informing public on revenues of civil servants